wooden window Ecoline 68

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wooden window Ecoline 68



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    wooden window Ecoline 68

    Price refers to the size 1200 x 1200 
    Wooden window,  1200x1200 RU 

     RU right   RU left
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    Soft and elegant, rounded finish line.


    • Frame drip with gasket
    • Filister drip
    • Modern design


      Windows are made from the best laminated wood - pine, mernati, oak are under stricted technological processing. Slightly rounded line that makes them correspond well with any architectural style. In addition, they are equipped with a safety filister-drip on the outer side of the sash and frame drip with gasket to drain rainwater.

    Above all, Ecoline window is a perfect natural material.  Warm pine, sturdy oak or exotic meranti with its unusual structure will allow you to create an interior with an exceptional atmosphere. Your own home ecosystem.

    Choose your favourite type of wood, add an extra warm spacer bar or an eye-catching muntin.
    The standard 68 mm profile can be additionally equipped with a wider two chamber glazing unit.

    Aluminium hood and handle are already included as standard.


    • Squared 3-layers glued wood. Available in: pine finger-joint, engineered pine, meranti or oak, optional: larch, spruce and other species
    • Depth: 68mm



    • Double-glazed 24 mm, Ug = 1.1 W / m2K, aluminum spacer



    • First-class Maco Multimatic fittings with standard micro ventilation, integrated with anti-draft fittings system, self-regulating anti-burglar rotary knobs, mishandling lock, hinges - adjustable in three dimensions,
    • Comfortable Hoppe Tokyo handle 
    • Expandable standard equipment as required.


    Additional features of the system:

    • When using the standard windows Ug = 1.1 W / m2K for the whole window we get the heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1.3 W / m2K. When using warmer glazed unit possible to achieve even Uw = 0.94 W / m2K
    • Filister drip protects the most vulnerable outer side of the sash. Significantly extending durability of paint coating and the wood itself.
    • Frame drip with gasket provides effective drainage of rainwater. In contrast to traditional solutions, there is no problem of thermal bridge, which eliminates the condensation of water vapor inside the window. 
    • Double sealed wing (main and filister gasket) protects against noise and heat loss. Using main gasket on the window frame instead of drip is an advantage - it prevents the ingress of water into the connection of the frame.
    • Gasket in two colors: white and brown


    The profile can also be in RETRO style :

    • Distinguished by classic trim of window profile
    • The ability to reproduce historical joinery
    • The windows are styled on the old structures: wood columns and decorative moldings.
    • A wide range of color profiles allows to clarify the final appearance of the window

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