UPVC window OPTITHERM 6-chamber profile

upvc windows 6-chamber profile - energy window

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6 - chamber profile

Heat and energy efficiency you can count on


Price refers to the size 1000 x 1000 


Window UPCV, white, 1000x1000 RU - 1 chambers glass packets

tilt&turn right tilt&turn left



6-chamber profile with 2 buffer gaskets
Rahmen und Flügel von 1 bis 2 mm verzinkter Stahl
Number of chambers in the frame
Number of chambers in the sash
Buffer gaskets
2x EPDM (rubber)
Heat transfer coefficient frame & sash
Uf = 1,1 W/m2K
Casing depth
80 mm
Maximum glass width
36 mm
Minimum glass width
24 mm
U value for window 1200x1500
Uw = 0.72 W/m2K (two-chamber package + TGI)
    Heat transfer coefficient       4-12-4-12-4 / Ug = 0.4 W/m2K
two-chamber package   Spacer       warm spacer – TGI
    Gas fill       Krypton
80 mm
Window positions
closed, open, tilted, micro-ventilation
Window colour versions
veneer colours available in accordance with Renolit, Hornschuch, Cova, and LG palettes
Acoustic insulation
(maximum window surface 2,7 m2 glass 4/16/4) – R =36dB (in accordance with EN 14351-1+A1)
Air permeability
class 4 (in accordance with EN 12207)
Water penetration resistance
class 5A (in accordance with EN 12208)
Wind load resistance
window or one-sash French window: – class C4 (in accordance with EN 12210);
window or two-sash French window: – class C1, B2, A3 (in accordance with EN 12210);
window or 2-, 3-, or 4-sash French window class C4 (in accordance with EN 12210);

Designed to be opened slightly for ventilation, or opened fully to allow for easy cleaning and to allow exit from the building in case of emergency (e.g.in the event of a fire).



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Modern construction requires increasingly higher standards windows. OVLO windows are the answer to the most sophisticated expectations. It combines the highest quality, aesthetics, durability, safety and comfort. OVLO - higher class profiles combined with a very attractive price.




  • - 6-chamber profile with a width of 80 mm ensures excellent thermal performance;
  • - durbale profile for increased rigidity provides greater freedom in designing the structure of windows;
  • - immaculate white, brilliant Iglossand high-grade PVC profiles;
  • - soft curves fit the profile modern design;
  • - stain resistant and weatherproof, easy tokeep clean;
  • - natural glass - no effect of so-called "dirty curtains"
  • - using a 2-chamber glass unit of U=0,7 Wm2K you can save up to 20% on heating costs;
  • - German SIGENIA AUBI fititng systems provides ease of use and high level of safety;
  • - EPDM gaskets providing appropriate tightness


Delivery price - depends on the number of units


Delivery 2-3 weeks




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