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    what to choose - UPVC windows, wooden windows ? 

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UPCV window MAXITHERM 8 - chambers

UPCV window MAXITHERM 8-chambers

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WINDOWS UPVC MAXITHERM 8-chamber profile

Two-Three chamber glass packets 

Heat and energy efficiency you can count on



Price refers to the size 1000 x 1000 
Window UPCV, white, 1000x1000 T&T - 2 chambers glass packets

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- installation width: 94 mm frame, 100 mm sash;

- wall thickness to the highest standard - Class A;

- 8-chambered frame and sash.

Window panes:

-the possibility to use glass of 48 mm, Ug value is as follows: triple-glazing 0,5 W/ m2K, and quadruple-glazing 0,3 W/ m2K.

Hardware: - GU Euro Jet Tilt&Turn hardware systems.

Sealing: - replaceable EPDM sealing;

- replaceable central gasket.

Reinforcement: frame - closed 38 x 24mm, sash - profiled 38 x 28mm.


The MAXTHERM windows are an ideal fusion of visual and performance characteristics , which will satisfy even the most demanding Clients. The structure of profiles and applied solutions allow to achieve the highest parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation , which is demanded in passive housing and energy-saving construction. The MAXTHERM windows provides a beautiful, modern, designed exclusively for the SONAROL company and protected by copyright design. That secures certainty of possessing something special. The MAXTHERM windows are the unlimited palette of shapes, functions, patterns of veneer and colours which will give more shine to every interior and building architecture.

MAXimum wide – the profile system of a 94 mm frame and a 100 mm wing ensures thermal insulation on the highest level.

MAXimum multi-chamber – 8-chamber frame- and wing profiles guarantee the highest parameters of noise suppression and the highest thermal protection of the buildings.

MAXimum warm –2 or even 3-chamber glazing units (48 mm)and have the Ug- value from 0.5 to 0.3 W/m2K joined with the special thermal inserts inside profiles allow to achieve a heat transfer coefficient for a reference window Uw = 0,59 W/m2K.

MAXimum tight – a system of three exchangeable gaskets and a possibility of wing regulation in three dimensions ensure a perfect tightness and increase an acoustic and thermal insulation of the windows.

MAXimum safe – a possibility of application of special glazing, handles and anti-burglary ferrules joined with a deep-reversed ferrule groove axle will effectively impede the forcing of the MAXTHERM windows by the “amateurs of other’s property”.

MAXimum permanent – the windows profiles of a thickness class A and specially profiled intensifications guarantee the highest rigidity of windows. PVC resistance to atmospheric factors joined with a third separating gasket (so-called dry chamber) result in long-term durability of the MAXTHERM windows.

MAXimum adaptation – the variety of shapes, functions and colours allows to adapt the MAXTHERM windows to individual needs and liking even of the most demanding Client.

MAXimum beauty – a modern, gentle and unique line of profiles protected by copyright ensures possessing the extraordinarily beautiful and inimitable MAXTHERM windows.


info @ shop24g


Delivery price - depends on the number of units

Delivery 2-3 weeks





  • Color White
  • Stuff PCV
  • Warranty 5 year
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