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Roofing Membrane AQ 120

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Breathable Roofing Membrane AQ 120 50m x 1,5m Roll

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 Breathable Roofing Membrane AQ 120 50m x 1,5m Roll 

weight [g/m2]   - 120
number of layers - 3
vapor permeability [g/m2/24h] - 3200 g/m2/24h

3-ply membrane-stabilized 120 g/m2
meets the EU standards, resistant to UV rays
and temperature, does not spread the fire.
AQ 120 roofing membranes are intended for use in direct contact with the roof insulation layer
Roofing membranes are layers pre-mating.
Improve tightness:
* Roof
* Or elevation (used as a wind barrier)
Protect heat insulation before:
* Moisture
* An important component of the warming in the pitched roofs.
The use of membranes has many advantages - the most important of them are:

Energy savings
Roofing membranes do not require a ventilation gap between the membrane and thermal insulating material. Approach insulation membrane surface allows for thicker thermal insulation performance of the entire height of the roof rafters, which contributes to a better roof insulation and energy savings. The high vapor permeability and waterproof membrane ensures that the insulation material remains dry and the only such provides high thermal insulation properties. Windproof and no ventilation gap between the insulation and membrane to prevent blowing out the heat from the heat insulating material and the penetration of moisture in the air
Easy to install
No need zostosowania ventilation slots on the thermal insulation definitely facilitates assembly. Easier installation of membranes to save time, cut costs and reduce the likelihood of errors assembly.
Longer construction
Thanks to its high vapor permeability of membranes excess moisture from the insulation is evaporated. This increases the service life of the roof structure.
Healthy microclimate in the attic
The membrane provides protection attic before discharged under cover essential rain, snow, moisture and dust. Ensures that any leaks, water from melting snow or condensation will be taken outside the roof, not penetrating into the insulation layer. Membrane largely determines the dry and pleasant climate in the attic of the building.

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