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doors 3/C-class

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 Door:  Classic klasy 3



  • Leaf thickness 54 mm
    Security doors Class 3
    Locks and security bolts
    Doors made of lattice steel handle min. class 3


Doors for apartments in multi-family housing. They meet the highest requirements of the entrance door burglar. Approved for use in the construction industry on the basis of the ETA and confirmed findings ITB for the classroom door 3. In addition, the product is covered by a certificate confirming resistance grade.
The wing is equipped with a system of strong multi-point locks. These locks have 5 class resistance to burglary (Class 5 door locks KMT Class 3). The standard equipment includes a 6 fixed hinge bolts that when closing the door come into the socket mounted in the frame making it impossible to push out the wings.
The offer includes several types of frames that are covered with laminate identical color as the door frames. Different widths frame profiles allow you to adjust them to the specific building and mounting hole. Seamless exchange threshold.
Solid deep drawing (5 mm), promotes the increase of the attractiveness and also stiffens the door wing structure.

classic-kl-c-zamek-dodatkowy.pngadditional lockclassic-kl-c-zamek-podstawowy.pngLock   classic-kl-c-zabezpieczenie-gorne.pngsecuring the topclassic-kl-c-bolec.pngBurglary-proof pin

classic-kl-c-zabezpieczenie-dolne.pngsecuring lowerclassic-kl-c-tloczenie.pngdeep drawing


Technical parameters

leaf thickness - 54 mm
the leaf - CFC-free polyurethane foam
stamping - deep, shallow
Wing made in the rebate version
material - galvanized steel sheet, covered with wood-laminate
seal in the wing seal in the frame
hardened steel grille
frame is made of laminated steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5 mm
the possibility of shortening the wings to 20 mm
the flat side of the structure of the timber is applied a standard frame (without structure)
burglary resistance class 3 according to PN-EN 1627: 2006 or Class C according to PN-90 / B-92270 and
Class 3 according to PN-EN 1627: 2006.




steel profile
additional lock Class 5
zipper pocket
multipoint lock Class 5
Burglary-proof pin
hinge adjustable three-piece amplified
steel grating
seal rebate
rail laminated wood
polyurethane foam
zinc layer
steel plate
zinc layer
securing the top





zlotydab.pngZłoty dąborzechwloski.pngOrzech włoskimahon.pngMahońwenge.pngWengeorzechciemny.pngOrzech ciemnyorzechjasny.pngOrzech jasnybialylaminat.pngBiały laminat


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