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SAVO Preparation for elimination of mold, algae and fungi

  • It works against vegetative forms of mold, algae, fungi
  • It has a disinfecting action
  • easy to use, it facilitates the elimination of mold in hard to reach places
  • extremely effective


Suitable for use on wood, plaster and paint the exterior walls and interior. The center will have immediate effect.

Most often used for preparation against mold growth in our market. Action fungicides and disinfectants appears immediately after application.

It works against vegetative forms of mold, algae, fungi, has a disinfecting action. It is supplied in a mechanical spray that provides easy manipulation and facilitates the elimination of mold in hard to reach places.


The formulation is effective against:

  • microscopic fibrous fungi
  • algom 
  • mchom
  • It has high antibacterial properties.
It is used to eliminate the mold on the walls, black raids (mold) in the gaps, joints between the tiles in the bathroom, near bathtubs, sinks, for kitchen furniture, windows, doors, etc.
He will find use in rooms with increased humidity and susceptibility to mold formation. in bathrooms, laundries, baths, saunas, swimming pools, communal hygiene, food storage, etc..

Apply on the affected site preparation by spray at a distance of 3-5 cm , and after 15-20 minutes can place the data cleaned with water or leave the preparation to dry. Do not remove the mildew before spraying, to avoid spreading the dangerous spores. In the case of surfaces heavily infested action repeated several times. The product has a bleaching effect.



0,5l = 10 m2

Savo should be stored in original, sealed containers
Technical data
  physical state: liquid
        color: bright yellow
  smell: characteristic of chlorine, sharp
  pH (20ºC) 10.6 (1% solution)
  melting point / freezing point: from -15 ° C to -18 ° C
  Initial boiling point: "> 97 ° C
  flash-point: the product is not flammable
  evaporation rate: not determined
  relative density (20 ° C) : "> 1070 kg / m³
  solubility: completely dissolved in water
  ignition temperature:  not self-igniting

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