Retro venetian blinds 50mm, COLONIAL 130x120

Retro venetian blinds 50mm, COLONIAL 130x120

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Retro venetian blinds 50mm COLONIAL

SIZE: 130 x 120 mm


Wooden blinds due to the use of their production exotic wood - basswood or abachi, create a unique atmosphere of the interior. Streaks of light and shadow created after reflection from the surface of the wooden slats give an unusual, elegant decor.

  • Control over the light which permeates through the blind with manual control (cord),
  • Applied type of mechanism and stylish finishing details are derived from those used at the beginning of the twentieth century,
  • Natural materials – exotic wood slats (abachi, basswood) and matching finishing details provide the interior with a unique atmosphere,
  • Possibility of furnishing retro venetian blinds with aluminium slats,
  • High quality of applied materials guarantees comfortable and long lasting usage of the product.

The price is for size:
width. 130 x H. 120 cm
We blinds to any size


Unique patterns and shades of wood and bamboo, which put together the very nature and the minimum deformation lamellae, which gently diffuse light penetrating into the interior, the distinguishing features products made of natural materials that allow an original design, characterized by the taste and elegance of the interior.
Wood blinds slats may have a width of 25 mm or 50 mm. Is presented with a width of 25mm
The ability to lift and adjust the angle of inclination of the lamella to any dosing flow is natural light to the interior. Shutters can protect the room from overheating and allow air to circulate freely. They also allow observers to hide the interior from the outside without having to reduce the amount of light and fully or partially obscure the window.
Horizontal blinds can be controlled manually (cord, chain) and supply (AC or DC with the possibility of remote control or computer) and can be mounted in a recess bead, window frame, window frame, wall or ceiling.
Of all types of interior blinds horizontal blinds are the best protection antysolarnym that effectively competes with energy-intensive air-conditioners.



Horizontal, wooden or bamboo 25 mm:
Purpose: windows, windows, alcoves, partitions
Fine-tuning the amount of light penetrating into the interior by means of manual or electric control
The materials used natural strip of exotic wood (basswood) or strips of bamboo and fit finishing elements (weight cord, dial bezel of the head rail, bottom rail) give the interior a unique atmosphere
High quality materials ensure long-lasting, comfortable use of the product


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