Vertical blinds GR II to 150cm


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Verticale, or Vertical blinds are practical, aesthetic and comfortable solution for sun visors perfectly fulfilling the function of curtains in offices, banks, hotels or homes.

Verticale have advantages decorative, and thanks to the variety of materials create individual and unique decor.

Their advantage is the ability to precisely adjust the direction and amount of incoming light by rotating the vertical fins.

They are also ideal protection against overheating of rooms. Perfectly suited to cover larger surfaces such as: glass walls to divide rooms or even separate the jobs.

A wide range of designs and colors allows for perfect fit in any decor.

We hold hygiene certificates and non allow mounting in public institutions such as schools, banks, hospitals, etc.


 price for 1 cm wide

DROP Upto - 150 cm

Verticale JackeR



When ordering verticals send an inquiry to the e-mail address:

We provide:

width and overall length verticals
type of control, eg.: TYPE 1, TYPE 4
symbol of the selected material
In return Meilu receive a comprehensive offer
available materials:






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