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OptiStep Loft Ladders - 60x111

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Optistep Wooden Timber Folding Loft Ladder Attic Stairs 60X111



Optistep Wooden Timber Folding Loft Ladder Attic Stairs 70X120

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania optistep 60x120


Optistep OLE 60cm X 120cm Wooden Loft Ladder & Hatch (H up to 280CM)

Optistep OLE 60cm X 120cm Wooden Loft Ladder & Hatch (H up to 280CM)

Standard equipment:

- White hatch insulating
- Red barrier
- Stick to open

OLK OptiStep loft stairs are funkcjonlane high durability

at the optimum price. White hatch insulating "sandwich"



- External frame dimension 58cm Width x 111cm Length  

- Height from ceiling to floor up to 280cm 

- Maximum safe loading - 150kg 

- Thermal hatch, heat transmittance coefficient U 1.1 W/m2k

- Box height - 14cm equipped with sealing strip to ensures perfect tightness

- Distance between the treads - 25cm

- Tread lenght - 34cm

- Insulation thickness - 3cm

- Weight 23.9kg

Red safe handrail as standard 

Opening rod included

Free stile ends to each purchase 


60 cm x 111 cm



Box with a height of 14 cm is made of pine. Appropriately selected thickness prevents deformation elements. Mounted on ext. circuit box seal ensures a perfect seal between the box and the lid


OLK stairs are equipped with insulated hatch 36 mm thick finished on both sides of HDF in white. The heat transfer coefficient is 1.1 W / m2K. On the outer side flaps do not see any mounting hardware. The opening mechanism locks the damper fully open position, preventing it from closing tripping during folding and unfolding the ladder stairs.


Mounting brackets to hatch ladder provide accurate its setting and make it possible to adjust the length of the ladder without changing the angle of inclination degrees to the ground.


Castle located inside flap eliminates the possibility of thermal bridge. In addition, after the close of the stairs pushes the flap to seal safeguarding the perfect seal.


Relief springs with opening mechanism located on the flap does not reduce the width of the opening in the light by which facilitate the use of stairs.


Specially designed and patented corner hinge brings together the sides of the box, which excludes the possibility of rupture in the corners, and also limits the length change of its diagonals.


Degrees combined with the so-called cheeks. dovetail. Such a combination has a higher rigidity and durability by increasing the safety of use of the stairs. Ladder elements are made of solid pine wood which gives a high load capacity. Special grooves on the steps to prevent slipping thereby improving safety and comfort.



- 3 sectional folding stairs, after placing hide in the ceiling without taking up space in the loft

  - Standard with a red railing to facilitate the use of stairs.


- Box - made of spruce / pine 

- Ladder - pine


- Thermal insulation of "Sandwich" in white thickness of 26 mm and a coefficient of

Heat 1.54 W / m2K


- Standard with a seal that ensures a perfect seal

  - Reinforced at the corners patented hinged box hindering change diagonals


- Combined with cheeks dovetail which provides greater durability connections

- Have a special non-slip grooves

Method of attachment

- To the ceiling


- Staircase completely assembled and ready for installation.


After the purchase, specify which size you choose.





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